Student Working

Student Working

Can Tier 4 Students work in the UK?

Many Tier 4 Students can work in the UK. Tier 4 Child students may be able to work up to ten hours if they are 16 or older. Younger Tier 4 students may not work.
From an employer’s perspective it is not straightforward to know if a person can work in the UK, although it should be endorsed on the students biometric residence card (The card given to students showing their leave to remain in the UK).
Most students that study at private colleges will not be allowed to work at all, except for work placements that are assessed to be a part of their course. The Home Office do have a list of ‘Recognised Bodies’ where students at a private college, WILL be allowed to work.
Most university students at publicly funded universities can work up to 20 hours per week in term time.

How to check if your student employee can work?

Check their Biometric Residence permit (BRP) or Entry Clearance look for these common endorsements:

  • Work as in Tier 4 Rules
  • Restricted Work. P/T term time. F/T vacations
  • Restricted work term time
  • Work limited to max 20 hrs per week during term-time
  • Work limited to max 10 hrs per week during term-time.

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