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Who Are IHI?

In-House Immigration exists to provide training to businesses who employ non-British nationals. With extensive experience in providing immigration advice to individuals and organisations of all sizes we are able to tailor our course to suit your specific needs.
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Employer Training

Using information you provide, we can devise and provide a training programme that will ensure that you don’t fall foul of the complex immigration rules that can result in large financial penalties or open you up to discriminatory claims.
Employer Training

Landlord Training

From December 2014 new Government regulations require landlords to ensure that tenants have the legal right to remain in the UK. Our training helps you to understand what exactly this entails and any exemptions.
Landlord Training

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Latest Articles

Right to Rent

New measures soon to be introduced to Parliament will make it much harder for anyone without the right to live in the UK to rent a home. From 1st February 2016, all private landlords will be required to ensure that tenants have the Right to Rent by being in the country legally. There are some exemptions: Long leases; Existing occupiers; Children; Renewals of previous occupants. Critics have argued that the legislation... read more

Student Working

Can Tier 4 Students work in the UK? Many Tier 4 Students can work in the UK. Tier 4 Child students may be able to work up to ten hours if they are 16 or older. Younger Tier 4 students may not work. From an employer’s perspective it is not straightforward to know if a person can work in the UK, although it should be endorsed on the students biometric residence card (The card given to students showing their leave to remain in the... read more

The Immigration Bill

A new Immigration Bill was announced in the Queen’s Speech on 27 May and introduced to Parliament in October 2015. The Bill aims to make it easier for the Government to clamp down on illegal workers and their employers and increasing the punishments to both. In summary: Illegal working is a criminal offence. The new bill proposes that wages be seized as proceeds of crime with possible imposition of sentences of imprisonment and... read more


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